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Commercial office cleaning

 Office Cleaning


Here at Ideal Touch Janitorial services we take all our cleaning services with the up most care. We are proud to say we use a

Environmentally Safe Products.

For a sterile professional cleaning service every time.

Carpet Cleaning


We are happy and proud to say we use an Environmentally Safe Product HOST it is a dry way of cleaning your carpets, is does so much but what impressed me most is it works, it safe and with the HOST DRY carpet cleaning machine and products it removes dirt and REDUCES ALLERGENS. Cool right?

Office cleaning Kitchener

Environmentally Friendly Products


With our environmentally safe product you will notice a difference in your work place. Our product lifts away built up grease and soap scum, fingermarks and grime leaving your office fresh and new for all those FIRST impressions. If you are looking for a first choice Executive janitorial cleaning service with a environmentally safe product look no further you have come to the right place.

carpet cleaning Kitchener

Carpet cleaning the Dry way


Studies have shown that one cleaning with the HOST system using a Host machines reduses;

Dust mites by 89% Dust mite allergens by 75% Cat allergens by 85%, Mold spores by 97% with the machine we carry. There is no mold or mildew from a wet carpet.

Computer cleaning Kitchener

Computer Cleaning


Ideal Touch janitorial cleaning services knows how important to clean your computer periodically to ensure that it will function properly and have a long life. When Ideal Touch janitorial services Kitchener cleans your computer we not only improve the physical appearance, but we prolong the life of the computer, helping to keep your work place dust free. We even turn off the monitors to save you money, (hydro) and it sure does help with the dust, your breathing.

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