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How to clean tips and cleaning supplies at a good price

Many times I have people asking me what I find to be the best cleaning method.  Or if I have  any tips on how to save their office place money. So with this in mind I put together answers to your cleaning questions.

Thank you for the entire request they are greatly appreciated.

Feel free to ask a question and I could help you with that hard to clean areas

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washing-machine-and-cloth-in-basket-loudry-concept-royalty-free-image-Tip cleaning servise
 Homemade Cleaning Tips


Homemade Laundry Detergent cleaning tip that works To make a natural laundry detergent that's safe to use in HD machines, you need just two ingredients: Sal Suds and baking soda. For a single load, combine two tablespoons of Sal Suds and 1/4 cup of baking soda. To help brighten whites, add a 1/4 cup of white vinegar, too. Sul Suds is the way to go    Feel free let me know what you think of the mixture

window cleaning-concept-royalty-free-image-ideal touch janitorial service.jpg
Ideal Touch Janitorial service would like to offer
you a great price on Corn starch

Window and Glass Cleaner
There's on special ingredient that'll give you a streak-free clean, says Ideal Touch Janitorial—and that's cornstarch. In a large bowl, combine one cup of hot water and one cup of rubbing alcohol. Then, whisk in four tablespoons of cornstarch. Transfer to a spray bottle, and spritz onto windows, mirrors, or glass before wiping clean with a microfiber cloth.


1 nitrile gloves-ideal-touch-janitorial-services.jpg
Ideal Touch Janitorial service would like to offer
you a great price on Nitrile disposable gloves

Ideal Touch Janitorial would like to offer you a good price on Nitrile Disposable gloves, A lot of our clients have asked for this link. Fast delivery, never be glove less again.

Christmas 2021_ideal touch janitorial servises sm.jpg
How often should you water a real Christmas tree

Ideal Touch Janitorial would like to give a shout out, #Tipoftheday, How often should I water a potted Christmas tree? "You should really be watering your tree daily," "Especially during the first seven to ten days, which is when they take up the most water." For a standard size tree with a trunk diameter in the five-inch range, you'll want to maintain at least five quarts of water in your stand each day. Hope this helps. With this Christmas Season it is important to #StaySafe

Where a clean fride is always clean with
How to Clean Silver

It is best to use water only (I myself use spring water) I find it dry’s quicker. When cleaning use a damp microfiber cloth wiping the same direction of the grain, do this in small pieces.  Then use a dry microfiber cloth and dry up the water also going the same direction as the grain.If you have oil marks   and fingerprints that will not remove   add a little dish soap to the spring water and fallow steps above. Always going the way of the grain, Always wash and dry

None spot sink everytime
How to Unclogged sink troubles


Clogged sink vinegar cleaning tip is your sink clogged? a quick,  clean and easy way to unclog your sink.

Add half a cup of baking soda to the sink as close to the drain as possible. Then one cup vinegar as close to the drain as possible. Wait, watch and rinse with warm water and Walla sink is clean.


Keeping your flowers freash longer with
Keeping the life of your flowers longer


Tired of those lovely flowers dying so quickly?

Put a little apple cider vinegar into your water, mix it around,

Add the flower to the mixture and watch how much longer 

your flowers will last.

Feel free to ask a question and I could help you with that hard to clean areas

Tips if you have  Unpleasent odors tip with
Unpleasent odors

Eucalyptus Air cleanser for the office or home.

-7 drops eucalyptus

-2 drops pine

-1 drop myrrh

Burn this refreshing blend in a oil burner say in the kitchen to keep air fresh and also for its antibacterial qualities. This antiseptic blend will help airborne bacteria, this will keep your office cleaner and healthier . While also getting rid of unpleasant odors . Those who have pets it is also none to discourage fleas

Tips, tire of stained pots and pans
Tired of stains on a overcooked pot or pan?


Do you have a frying pan or a pot or the nasty pans in your oven that has some of the black cooking stains on them? Well I can help.

1. add 2 cups of vinegar   to the pan

2. bring pan to a boil for about 10 minutes.

enjoy your new pan. Did you know if you add 2 cups vinegar in a frying pan for 10 minutes, it will also help keep food from sticking to your pan for several months at a time.

Feel free to ask a question and I could help you with that hard to clean areas


tip remove permanent marker from walls with
How to remove permanent marker of everything


Clothing- hand sanitizer

Walls- toothpaste or hairspray

Wood-rubbing alcohol

Carpets-white vinegar

Dry eraser board- dry eraser marker

Furniture- milk


Tip - looking for a better sleep
How to have a better sleep


If you take your pillow you sleep on and place it in the dryer once or twice a month for 20 minutes.

This kills dust mites and takes the dust out of your pillows. Great for those that suffers from allergies. Allowing for a better sleep


Tips how about them unwanter weed with
How to get a rid of those unwanted weeds


There are many people that say apple cyder vinagar is wonderful on weeds, this is true but a little more costly then needed. On the other hand  on a nice sunny day when you see no chance of rain take a spay bottle and fill with white vinegar, go out and spray those weed. Great for getting those unwanted weeds between the river rocks that will not hurt your plants.


hooks under the dest for a dust free env
Easy tip for keeping under the desk dust free

Also safer, hooks to hold up those wires, making it harder for the cleaning crew to carry out the best service ever. I have also seen Velcro hook and loop fasteners. Another tip for a dust free environment.


Ant help Ideal Touch Janitorial_edited-1

How to get a rid of those unwanted ants 

How to get rid of ants, ant control tip, do it yourself ant control home made

#Ant problem

-One table spoon Borax

-Three table spoons Sugar

Fill in a container (such as a lid) place them close to the place you see the ants and entrances, this will work

To rid yourself of the ants that are seen around the office before your traps are laid

Try this

White vinegar will also send an eviction notice to ants on your premises. They cannot bear its strong smell. In addition, the smell masks their scent trails, making them lose their direction.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water.

    Pour the solution into a spray bottle.

    Add a few drops of any essential oil and shake the bottle thoroughly.

    Spray this solution around baseboards and other entry points.

    After an hour, wipe up the ants using a damp paper towel and discard them.

    Repeat once daily until the ants are completely gone.

You can also use this vinegar solution to clean floors, windowsills and countertops to prevent ants from crawling over these surfaces.

How to get rid of those fruit flies


How to get rid of fruit flies home remedies
Take a look.
fruit fly problem  again. Quick fix for around the home or office. : Add a little apple cider   into a glass, seal the top of glass with plastic wrap  , pop a few holes, and no more fruit flies. To add a basil plant to the kitchen helps, or some cedar sticks to a vase near the problem, you will notice fruit flies are repelled by the scent of the cedar. I know a few people that have added cedar chips that you buy for the  garden to a bowl and no more fruit flies.


Ideal Touch Janitorial Services Kitchener logo
How to get a better clean


At Ideal Touch Janitorial Services, Carpet Cleaning Services in the Kitchener Waterloo and areas we are proud to say we are using Environmentally safe products. For a sterile janitorial cleaning service Ideal Touch Janitorial will brighten your office with an environmentally safe product that gives you a dust free office that lift away built up grease as well as soap scum, fingermarks and grime leaving your office fresh and new for all those first impressions. If you are looking for first choice executive janitorial service with our Environmentally friendly service. Well you have come to the right place.

Feel free to ask a question and I could help you with that hard to clean areas

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